About Us

About Us

Gedoxs is guided by four principles:

  1. Customer Satisfaction rather than competitor focus, 
  2. Passion for creativity  
  3. Commitment to operational excellence
  4. Long-term thinking.

Our unique selling point at Gedoxs is our quality, classy and highly creative products at affordable prices. The company tends to strengthen its partnership with retailers, thereby developing brand awareness. Gedoxs tends to market its line as a pacesetter in casual/africa shift clothing, also as an alternative to existing clothing lines with exclusivity and originality and differentiate itself by unique marketing strategies, exclusiveness and high brand awareness. The company, in the future, would venture into fashion accessories.

Gedoxs was founded on October 10th 2016 by Otega Lawrence. Gedoxs is registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with RC No 1385767 with its headquarters  at  NO2 Akaighe Close Bendel Estate Effurun Detla State Nigeria

Gedoxs contributes to economic growth through direct and indirect job creation and investment in communities where we operate. Gedoxs employs more than 37 people in Nigeria and our investments have led to the creation of more than 100 jobs in Nigeria in addition to our direct hires.